May 12, 2020

Here’s the Latest: What’s Going on Inside that Belltower Fence?

While most of campus has been quiet, construction has continued on the Memorial Belltower completion and restoration project, at a slow-but-steady pace with adherence to applicable COVID-19 government guidelines.

Apr 21, 2020

Two Moments in NC State Time, Encapsulated at the Belltower

This spring’s graduating class has the first opportunity to contribute to a new Belltower time capsule, to be dedicated a century after the first such observance.

Apr 13, 2020

Staying the Course, with Precautions

The Lonnie Poole Golf Course on Centennial Campus remains open as an essential outdoor activity. But the staff is taking extraordinary measures to protect golfers during the pandemic.

Feb 11, 2020

NC State Entrepreneurship Shines

Tom Miller, NC State's senior vice provost for academic outreach and entrepreneurship, was recently interviewed by the Trade Show Live to talk about entrepreneurship culture at the university and programs fostering a business-building environment. Listen to the podcasts, on which Miller shares how the concept of creating “beneficial collisions” led to the birth of programs and common spaces such as the Entrepreneurship Garage, the Albright Entrepreneurs Village and the eClinic.

Feb 4, 2020

Friends of Arts NC State Board Awards the Bowers Medals

The Friends of Arts NC State Board of Advisors presented the 2019 Bowers Medal of Arts to Robert Black, Ormond Sanderson and Bing Sizemore. All three honorees have enhanced the arts at NC State and across North Carolina, playing critical roles in the construction and reopening of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design.

Jan 14, 2020

An Innovative Future for CALS

In 2019, NC State's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences experienced the largest infrastructure expansion in its history. And thanks to strong partnerships, transformational gifts, and record-breaking grants and sponsored research, CALS has never been in a better position to develop and deliver the education, research and solutions that improve lives.

Jan 14, 2020

Reedy Creek Equine Farm Officially Opens

The Reedy Creek Equine Farm, a state-of-the-art home for horse reproductive services, recently celebrated its official opening. It joins the Tiffany and Randy Ramsey Equine Sports Medicine Program, which was endowed in 2016 and supports the equine service’s groundbreaking work treating performance-related diseases, as part of an investment in advanced equine care at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Jan 7, 2020

2019 in Review

Take a quick look back at an extraordinary philanthropy milestone and other NC State highlights for 2019.

Dec 17, 2019

Gels and Liquids and Poultices, Oh My: How the Belltower Got a Little Brighter

If the Memorial Belltower looks different after the removal of scaffolding, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Workers have undertaken a multistep process to pull out dirt and impurities, leaving a visibly brighter, more radiant surface, but this phase is more than cosmetic.

Dec 10, 2019

Meet the Tower Team

Dozens of experts are working on the Memorial Belltower's restoration and completion, and many of them are graduates of NC State. Meet some members of the Wolfpack who are helping complete, restore and update the university’s most iconic symbol.