aerial view of the belltower

The Memorial Belltower: A Legend in Stone

Originally built to pay tribute to those who fell in World War I, the Memorial Belltower has become the most visible icon of NC State and a symbol of sacrifice, pride and community. We're celebrating its amazing story — and its next chapter.

Nearly 100 years ago, under the leadership of a group of NC State alumni, the cornerstone was laid for the Memorial Belltower. While the past century has seen starts and stops in construction, the meaning behind the structure has never changed. The Belltower honors the alumni who died as a result of military service in World War I. It stands as one of our most hallowed places – an icon of our university and a meaningful part of our past, present and future.

In the fall of 2019, a project began to restore the Belltower to full glory after decades of water damage. The surrounding space will be renovated into Henry Square and, at long last, the speakers in the tower’s belfry will be replaced by a full carillon of 55 bells. A clavier playing cabin will be added just below clock level, with new stairs winding upward inside the tower.

Throughout the coming months, view our progress via a live onsite camera feed and follow along on this page as we share more about the history of the Belltower, the completion project and the philanthropy supporting it, and the extraordinary memories our students, alumni, faculty and staff have made at this beloved site.

rendering of the belltower

A Vision Coming to Life

The project team restoring and completing NC State's Memorial Belltower at Henry Square has created this conceptual, fly-through visualization of how the site will look when the work is done. Some small details may change, but the beauty and power of the Belltower will ring true through the next century – and beyond.

Watch the video now