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NC State’s extraordinary rise in reputation and recognition is largely attributable to the increase in graduate enrollment during the past 20 years. Graduate fellowships, among the most prestigious awards the university offers, attract bright students with the bold ambition to move their disciplines forward. However, NC State lags behind its peers in offering privately funded fellowships. Increased private support is essential to the university’s ability to compete in the future.

Our Priorities

Extraordinary Opportunity

Increasing fellowship support at all levels will allow NC State to not only attract the very best students, but also to recruit and retain the very best faculty. Interdisciplinary fellowships in support of the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program are an especially compelling opportunity that will allow greater numbers of bright students to work alongside NC State’s pre-eminent faculty.

Extraordinary Experience

Graduate education only begins with the discipline-specific learning and research that occur between student and professor. It also encompasses the skill-sharpening that comes from innovative leadership and career development opportunities and the guidance offered by well-trained mentors and advisers. Travel to and participation in national and international conferences, as well as the ability to conduct fieldwork in remote locations, can provide life-changing experiences for students. Guest lecturers, workshops, panel discussions and symposia are integral parts of academic life. Philanthropy is crucial to create professional and intellectually relevant experiences for students.

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