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College of Natural Resources

With the support of our alumni and friends, we seek to Think and Do the Extraordinary as we cultivate outstanding leaders, generate new knowledge and create a sustainable future for all.

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The investment of our alumni and friends is critical to our ability to nurture students, sustain a world-class research enterprise and spread knowledge to create a more sustainable world.

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College Overview

The College of Natural Resources is addressing some of the most pressing and complex challenges facing our world. Our students work with faculty to turn classroom theories into practical skills that prepare them to enter the workforce career-ready. From how we manage land, ensure clean water, protect animal habitats and create recreation space, to how we sustainably create paper and utilize wood biomaterials to replace plastics — we provide extraordinary solutions every day.

Our Priorities

Little of what we do could be accomplished without the support of our friends and alumni. To ensure our ability to create an environment where both students and faculty can thrive and find the next generation of natural resources solutions, we are focusing on four key fundraising areas throughout the campaign.

Extraordinary Opportunity

Our students are at the core of everything we do in the college. We believe that providing access to an NC State education is one of the greatest gifts one can give. We aim to ensure that every student who has a drive to fulfill his or her dream has access to the resources, guidance and financial support they need to achieve their goals.

Extraordinary Experience

100 percent of our students graduate with hands-on experience. From regular trips to our 85,000 acres of college-owned forest land to our in-house paper machine facility and high-tech geospatial analytics center, our students don’t just sit in classrooms. All of our students enjoy both personal and professional growth as they gain in-depth industry knowledge through internships, co-ops, summer programs and study abroad.

Extraordinary Purpose

We take a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to solving some of the most critical issues facing our planet. Access to clean water may be the biggest challenge facing our world. But to solve a problem that large, you need social scientists, forest managers and toxicologists. You look at human behavior, land management and novel systems for reusing water. And that’s just one example. Our faculty work every day across disciplines to solve natural resource management challenges at the intersection of the built and natural environments.

Extraordinary Place

While many of our students’ best experiences happen outside of the classroom, having high-quality indoor learning facilities and collaborative spaces is key to providing a top-notch education. As technology, research and student needs change, we must keep pace with our facilities. Investments in our physical spaces will give our students and faculty greater opportunity to pursue cutting-edge research, collaborate and exchange knowledge.

#7 in the Nation

We're ranked among the best colleges in the country for studying natural resources and conservation by USA Today.

Giving at the College of Natural Resources

There are many ways to support the College of Natural Resources through a tax-deductible gift. Whether your passion is for providing hands-on opportunities for students, funding diversity initiatives, elevating research or building high-tech facilities, your gift will help enhance our ability to create an environment where students and faculty thrive.