“A college and a university can offer classes, but donor support helps us change lives,” says Dean Jeff Braden.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is embarking on a $35 million campaign to support our people, programs and priorities.

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College Overview

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences takes a comprehensive approach to solving the most critical issues facing our world. Our faculty and students study human thought and action in a high-tech context.

Through our undergraduate and graduate programs, we help students develop critical-thinking skills to lead the charge on solving global problems: improving health, confronting climate change, mediating the clash of cultures and religions and building a more sustainable future.

Your investment plays a critical role in the future of our college.

Our Priorities

Extraordinary Opportunity

Students are at the heart of everything we do in Humanities and Social Sciences. The Dean’s Scholar Program allows us to recruit extraordinary students, regardless of financial need. Our Dean’s Scholars make lifelong contributions to the university, state, nation and world.

A gift to this program doesn’t just help our outstanding students pay for their education, but also encourages them to study abroad, conduct research or fulfill their entrepreneurial goals.

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Extraordinary Experience

Our goal is for all students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to take part in life-changing, high-impact educational experiences such as study abroad, research, internships and community engagement.

Hands-on learning does more than enrich students — it has far-reaching societal and economic impact. Private support for our endowment is critical in allowing all students to participate in these extraordinary experiences.

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Extraordinary Purpose

Our faculty are innovators in their own fields, advancing our understanding of how people think and act. They include internationally renowned experts in digital humanities, linguistics, forensic science, foreign languages, communication, psychology, literature, history, archaeology and more.

Outstanding faculty attract other top faculty who, in turn, attract great students. It is imperative to build the college’s endowment to help recruit and support our outstanding faculty.

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A Campus Leader in Study Abroad

We take experiential education to a whole new level.