”Engineering has transformed the economy of North Carolina. We want to ensure that the College of Engineering continues to boost the economy of the state,” says Dean Louis A. Martin-Vega.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering at NC State University is tackling the grand challenges of today’s global society through innovative research, cutting-edge education programs and life-changing outreach.

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College Overview

The College of Engineering is the largest of NC State’s colleges. In our academic departments, state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers, faculty and students engage in vital areas of research and technology transfer, pursuing some of the most important education initiatives and engineering research of our time in energy, health care, computer systems, nanotechnology and other important and emerging fields. Our extension and outreach programs share the fruits of many of those initiatives and research programs with the community.

Our Priorities

Extraordinary People

Critical to the success of any engineering college is the quality of its faculty, and our faculty members are among the best in the nation. Endowed professorships help the college to retain and recruit faculty in the highly competitive environment of engineering and computer science. Endowing a professorship provides opportunities for faculty to explore new areas of research that have the potential to save lives, improve manufacturing or develop new technologies. Professorships also support faculty in their efforts to mentor more students and enhance the learning environment for all of our students.

Extraordinary Places

Unifying the college on Centennial Campus is among our highest priorities. The new engineering building, Fitts-Woolard Hall, is the next crucial step toward the goal of having the entire college located on Centennial Campus. This new building will provide critical infrastructure that will allow faculty and students to leverage the power of proximity across disciplines in an atmosphere unmatched anywhere in the nation. Fitts-Woolard Hall is scheduled to open to students and faculty members in June 2020, and is made possible by a unique public-private partnership.

Extraordinary Experiences

The College of Engineering recognizes that our students will compete in a global economy that needs both a highly skilled workforce and a nimble entrepreneurial attitude. Our Engineering Entrepreneurs Program, one of the first in the nation, gives our students hands-on entrepreneurial experience that leads to new startups and new inventions that help grow the economy and build jobs. Our study-abroad experiences allow our students to explore opportunities in other countries and help them build skills that improve their ability to attract the best jobs.

A graduate student at work in the lab of Michael Dickey in NC State's College of Engineering.


A Washington Post analysis of the number of engineering bachelor's degrees awarded to female students at state flagships and other major public schools ranked NC State fourth in the nation.