Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Giving

Why is my gift so important?
With tuition covering only about a third of the real cost of an undergraduate education and state funding on the decline, NC State counts on annual giving. These gifts help close the gap between what each student pays in tuition and fees and the actual cost of an NC State education, which allows the university to maintain its reputation as a best value. By stabilizing day-to-day operations, annual gifts keep NC State flexible by providing critical resilience against unexpected challenges or contingencies.

By supporting NC State you are:

  • Inspiring our students to research, innovate and explore core subjects in imaginative ways.
  • Creating a thriving campus that fosters collaboration across the colleges.
  • Transforming the student experience with hands-on learning through internships, study abroad and co-ops.

NC State is a state-supported institution, so why are annual gifts needed?
NC State receives funds from three sources: tuition, appropriations from the state’s budget and private support. Though tuition and state monies provide a large part of the university’s operating budget, there are always more needs than those two sources can supply — especially when the state’s budget is tight. Annual gifts support crucial academic needs that would go unmet otherwise.

What is the difference between Annual Giving, the Alumni Association and the Wolfpack Club?
Annual Giving supports the academic mission and priorities of the university. Gifts support technology enhancements and research partnerships, increase scholarships, strengthen curricula, fund community service, enrich the libraries and sponsor the arts.

The Alumni Association is a dues-based membership organization that supports the Caldwell Fellows Program; the publication of NC State magazine; alumni networks throughout the nation; special-interest alumni groups; student-programming; awards to faculty for excellence in the classroom, laboratory and field; recognition of distinguished alumni; and the traditions valued by students and alumni that make NC State unique.

The Wolfpack Club supports athletic facilities and scholarships for the university.

Can my gift be directed to a specific area?
Yes! You can direct your gift to your favorite area of NC State, including your college or program, the arts, the library or anywhere else. It’s up to you.

If I can only give a small amount, will it make a difference?
Yes! Every gift counts! Your gift of any size is a vote of confidence for NC State and, together with other annual gifts, directly impacts our students. If you are an alum, your support increases NC State’s alumni participation rate, which is one of the criteria used by national ranking organizations. The university continually receives national acclaim as one of the best values in higher education and as a leader in diversity. NC State is also the home of fast-rising programs in veterinary medicine, engineering, business and other fields. Achieving top-tier rankings year after year attracts talented faculty and staff and increases the value of your degree.

When and how should I make a gift?
You can make your annual gift whenever it’s most convenient for you. As a donor, you may receive mailings, e-mails, or personal phone calls from students requesting your annual gift. You can also go online and give at any time, by visiting