NC State Call Center

Student callers reach out to alumni, parents and friends of the university to share exciting news from campus, update contact information and encourage annual support.

Work at the Call Center

If you are currently enrolled at NC State and would like to help reconnect alumni with the university while rallying their support, apply to work at the call center today.

Student callers enjoy:

  • Flexible schedules.
  • A competitive hourly rate, in addition to incentives and tuition assistance.
  • Working in a fun and collaborative environment with fellow Wolfpack students.
  • Being part of a motivated team that makes a significant impact on raising funds for the university.
  • Excellent advancement opportunities for top performers.

Contact Information

Brittany Smith
2450 Alumni Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606


Center Hours
1:30–9:30 p.m. EST
1:30–9:30 p.m. EST

Meet Our Callers

Aleii H.

“Giving is essential to me because by investing in NC State, we are investing in the community, North Carolina, and our country’s future.”

Cynthia G.

“Giving back is important because it has an immediate impact and long term benefits for the students and university.”

Amber G.

“I was able to benefit from the donations that are given to students by alumni, so I feel that it is my duty to make sure that someone else has that same opportunity.”

Khadija P.

“Giving ensures that deserving students can have a bright future at NC State without the burden of sustaining themselves financially.”

Tony L.

“Giving allows students to comfortably attend the university without fear of lack of financial assistance while also allowing the university to ensure that all students get the highest quality of education possible.”

Ashlynn E.

“Giving matters to me because it provides an opportunity those who are in need.”

Sydney T.

“To help continue to give back to other students in need here at the university!”

Matthew V.

“Giving helps ensure that we don’t lose any members of the Wolfpack along our way.”

Kevin S.

“Efforts like this helped me tremendously and I can only imagine that giving will provide similar meaningful experiences to other students in need/first generation students. It also continues to develop a supportive network of alumni.”

Elle N.

“Giving back allows each student to receive a phenomenal education."

Polly D.

“I give because I want to ensure that future students will have as phenomenal an experience as I have had at NC State.”

Morgan P.

“Giving back gives more students the opportunity to think and do the extraordinary.”

Jessica H.

“I benefited from the emergency student fund as well as NC State funded grants. I wish to help provide these grants to other students so they may pursue their dreams.”

Delaney S.

“Giving helps us continue to compete with other universities and grow our programs.”