Faculty and Staff

I work here. I give here.

As one of NC State’s 8,000 dedicated faculty and staff members, you are the university’s greatest advocate. You invest your time and talent in NC State every day. And giving is an additional way to show your support.

Your gift allows NC State to continue to prosper and grow, enhancing the outstanding education that we all work to provide our students each and every day.

Whatever the reason and whatever the designation, faculty and staff giving speaks volumes about NC State as a place for philanthropic investment and shows your pride in our university. Make your gift today.

Meet the Faculty and Staff Co-Chairs

colby_susan-webSusan Colby
Associate Director, NC 4-H Development Fund
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


zondermanDr. David A Zonderman
Professor and Department Head
Department of History
College of Humanities and Social Sciences