Extraordinary Purpose

With your support, this university’s faculty and their research are a powerful force for good — statewide, nationwide, worldwide.

Solutions for a Better World

NC State unites the world’s best faculty and researchers with government and industry partners to think and do the extraordinary. Our faculty create dynamic new approaches to teaching and learning, fuel industries and breakthroughs, and guide our students to impactful futures.

Private support creates extraordinary partnerships and fuels extraordinary breakthroughs.

By 2050, Earth will be home to an estimated 9 billion people. In order to feed everyone, current food production must increase by at least 50 percent, despite shrinking farmland and climate shifts. Big problems like these don’t come in neat packages. They demand interdisciplinary partnerships — the kind NC State excels at leading. Your support ensures the university can continue its growth as a comprehensive research powerhouse that produces results while understanding how those results affect people.

Fuel for the Brightest Minds

NC State generates remarkable return on investment, contributing $6.5 billion to North Carolina’s economy every year — an impact equivalent to more than 91,000 new jobs. With the help of private support, we are reaching new levels in sponsored research funding, tech transfer and entrepreneurship. Behind every statistic: our people.

NC State’s faculty are developing next-generation power electronics; breeding a better sweet potato; creating nanoscale delivery systems that act as anti-cancer smart bombs; designing lightweight membranes for use in aircraft manufacturing to block jet-engine sound waves; working with paraplegic dogs to prove a drug’s effectiveness in treating spinal-cord injuries; studying ways to improve government efficiency; and immersing people in transcendent moments of history, such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1962 dream-filled speech in Rocky Mount, N.C.

They also engage, educate, mentor and inspire the next generation. But less than 10 percent of NC State’s professors hold named and endowed positions, compared to 15 to 20 percent at most of our peer universities.

With your support, we can strengthen NC State’s doctoral programs and attract, retain and support the top faculty members who are the heart of any great university. Those investments are key to delivering solutions that make the world a better place — and to producing leaders poised to make extraordinary discoveries of their own.